MC Actuaries Pension Plan Termination

Welcome to Midwest Consulting Actuaries

Welcome to our website. Midwest Consulting Actuaries, Inc. has been in existence since 2003. We are a viable alternative to most actuarial and benefits consulting firms primarily due to comparable service offerings and extensive experience with big firms. That, coupled with measurably discounted fees, is an ideal necessary change for many.

Our cores services are comprehensive plan terminations, and health and pension actuarial valuations for public and private entities to fulfill the requirements of ERISA, FASB, GASB 27 and GASB 45.

  • Plan Terminations

    We offer our comprehensive pension plan termination services for a one-stop shop to a successful plan termination. From the initial feasibility to the last final distribution and official (IRS and PBGC) closing of the plan. Several action items must be timely and accurately addressed. Read More
  • Corporate Actuarial Services

    Our pension actuarial services include plan design, plan implementation and annual administrative services, including actuarial valuations, Schedule SB attestations and benefit certifications. Health actuarial services include actuarial valuation, IBNR, and premium rates.
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  • Government Actuarial Services

    Every governmental entity that maintains postretirement pension or health benefits for it’s employees must account for them under GASB 27 (pensions) or GASB 45 (health). Most are just beginning to grasp the magnitude of the benefit promise.
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