We provide a comprehensive pension plan termination service for a “one-stop shop” to a successful plan termination, from the initial feasibility to the last final distribution and official (IRS and PBGC) closing of the plan and everything in-between. We also offer an ala carte approach, providing only those services our clients desire.

Our professional fess for termination services dwarf those of most firms, primarily because we are extremely efficient and have a strong desire and sound ability to assist our clients in satisfying their benefit promises to participants at the lowest possible cost.

Several action items must be timely and accurately completed to ensure the plan is terminated properly.Terminating a pension plan can be an excessive additional administrative cost if you do not have experienced consultants at reasonable price.  The following is an overview of our services:


  1. Assess financial status of the Plan on a termination (settlement) basis
  2. Freeze Plan Benefit Accruals and Amend Plan Document
  3. Finalize Accrued Benefit Calculations
  4. Establish Short-Term Investment Philosophy
  5. Satisfy IRS and PBGC Plan Termination Requirements
    • PBGC Notice of Intent to Terminate
    • PBGC Notice of Plan Benefit
    • IRS Notice to Interested Parties
    • IRS Form 5310 and 6088
    • PBGC Standard Termination Notice
    • Annuity Placement
    • PBGC Notice of Annuity Information
    • PBGC Post Distribution Certification