The following services are offered for both qualified and nonqualified pension plans and postretirement health plans, as applicable:

ERISA Funding Actuarial Valuations and Certifications

For qualified defined benefit plans there are funding and certification requirements that a plan sponsor. The Pension Protection Act imposed numerous constraints on employer’s operational aspects. We offer the actuarial valuation and ongoing administrative services to keep your plan operating as it was intended to be – in accordance with the Act.

FAS 87\88\106\158 Accounting Actuarial Valuations

Actuarial valuation and reporting under GAAP for defined benefit pension plans and other postemployment and postretirement benefit plans. Substantial experience with largest and most reputable accounting firms, working with auditors evaluating actuarial valuations/assumptions, and reporting of results in financial statements.

Corporate Benefit Plan Design, Restructuring

In these tenuous economic times, many employers are reevaluating their benefit plan promises to better correlate with their ability to pay. A meticulous review of your benefit plans and benchmarking with competitors is important to attract, retain, and reward critical employees.

Benefit Plan Negotiations

As employers negotiate current and future benefit promises, it is crucial that they understand the financial consequences of their options. We offer prompt, accurate measurements of the various alternatives, and we offer the experienced consulting that is needed to understand what decisions made today may hold for the future.

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

The results of a well-documented detailed review of benefit plans can make or break a deal. We begin with a complete analysis of the pension and postretirement benefit plans, assumptions and methods, and outline those areas of concern in a comprehensive report of our findings.